Top Tips To Improve The Quality And Value Of Your Home

So the property market is dipping again. Maybe it is just a winter thing, and it will pick up and accelerate away again. Maybe it isn’t. Whichever way the market is moving, you can still add value to your home. Even if you don’t want to sell in the near future, changes you make to your home can make or break a sale deal later on. To keep the price of your home at the top end of its pricing bracket, try to add a little value that could go a long way toward a quick sale later.

There are several things a potential buyer is looking for when they start a house hunt. The number of bedrooms and general neighborhood is quite high on the priority list. It is the things they didn’t know they were looking for that you can offer that will get them to come back to your property.


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Top of the list is air conditioning, especially if any of your windows are south facing. Being able to cool the room for a good night of sleep in the heat of summer is bliss for anybody. Throw in the name and service history of a service specialist like Austin ac repair, and you will definitely see a smile on a potential buyers face! What’s more, you get to enjoy the benefits of conditioned air while you are still living there.

Landscaping the garden has become essential as more and more buyers want to see the realized potential of the garden, rather than having to imagine it for themselves. Gardens are not just about flowers, borders, and lawns. Young buyers are looking for play areas, eating areas and seating areas for entertaining. They need easy access from key entertaining spaces in the house, like the living room. Think about installing some trifold glass doors onto a decking area big enough to cater for all these things. While hot tubs are great for you, they do not increase the value of the home or encourage a sale as much as you would think. Stick with a deck and play area, and you should be attracting a sale very quickly.

Kitchens need to be practical, and they need to look immaculate. Keep your kitchen clean and see if you can redesign the layout to provide a small eating area within it. Kitchen tables are back, because people need to use dining rooms for other things these days. Use high-quality fascias and good lighting, combined with little extras built in. Try going for filtered cold and boiling water taps. Make sure ovens, hobs and grills are built in. If you can also make a utility area out of your space, this will increase the value of your home quite substantially.

However you choose to improve your home, make sure you get to have the benefit of it too. If you are extending the property always push for double storey where possible. Conservatories are cheap and easy to install but don’t sacrifice more than 45% of your garden to it.

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