How To Create A Heavenly Bedroom

The bedroom isn’t just the room to place our weary heads. Far more than just sleep goes on in there! The bedroom is used as a getaway from the rest of the family when you need a break. And it’s the place you head to when you’re not feeling very well. You might do some work in there, watch a movie, or even read a book. We row in there, we make up in there, we laugh and we cry. It is probably the most multi-purpose room in the house.

Making the bedroom the place we want to go to requires a little ingenuity. We want the room to be calm and peaceful to facilitate good quality sleep. But we also need space to store our clothes, bags and other belongings. We need soft lighting for the late night read, and brighter lighting when we’re catching up with some online work. Some bedrooms even have exercise equipment in the corner.


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The key to maximising the space you have is to utilise clever storage solutions. Don’t just buy a wardrobe. Buy the add-ons too that help you organise your clothing and shoes. It makes life so much easier and your things will be more accessible first thing in the morning too. Bedrooms need to be junk free, so find some useful storage areas. If you haven’t got fitted wardrobes, try using the space on top.

The bed is often another handy place to store things. The bed itself will take up a lot of space in a bedroom. But under the bed is a great place to hide away those things you don’t often use. Having a good sized bed is a great way to ensure you’re more comfortable through the night. A luxury king size mattress will support your body and help you stay at the right temperature while you sleep. And high-quality sleep is essential to good health.

If you have an ensuite, try to use fitted storage units to hide away all your toiletries and cosmetic products. This helps to keep the space clutter free. It also saves you valuable cleaning time too. Best of all, it means you can enjoy the time spent in your shower each morning without having to worry about the mess. It’s a better way to wake up!

Cushions and pillows are important for supporting the back and neck. Choose ones that are right for your sleeping position and requirements. It’s best to sleep on your back with support just under the neck. Most of us sleep on our side as it helps us to breathe a little easier. If you sleep on your front, chances are your neck is turned right around all night long. Hugging a pillow or cushion can help you avoid falling onto your tummy in the night.

For a truly heavenly bedroom, choose bedding in soft and muted colours with a minimal pattern. Stealing a little space from an adjoining room can create a handy dressing area. Repositioning an interior wall doesn’t need to be a big, time-consuming job. It also gives you a great excuse to redecorate your lovely new bedroom.


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