Get Inspired with These Garden Fence Ideas


Porsche Brosseau

Putting fencing in your garden can serve several purposes, from increasing your privacy to providing somewhere for your plants to grow. If you want to put up a new fence, it can be difficult trying to decide what style to go for, what material to use and even how high you want it to be. There are lots of different things you can do with fencing in your garden, both around the perimeter and in other places across the space. If you need some ideas for the fences in your garden, try some of these suggestions to inspire you.

Decorative Wooden Panels

One of the most popular choices for a new garden fence is using decorative wooden panels. Instead of having just plain wooden fencing that goes straight up and down, you can have something more interesting. When you use decorative fence panels, you can have space at the top or even all the way along it to grow your plants. If you have vines and other trailing or climbing plants, they can grow across your fence to provide more decoration. It’s a great way to have some more privacy without using an imposing fence that looks a little too severe for your garden.

Alternatives to Wood

If you want to put up a new fence, you don’t need to use wood. There are options you can try, including bamboo, vinyl, and wrought iron. Think about what would go well with the design of your house and garden. You should also consider whether you want to maintain your fence or if you would prefer to leave it alone. If you choose vinyl, you won’t need to do as much maintenance as if you were to install a wooden fence. Wrought iron can look fantastic in your front garden, but you might decide it doesn’t give you enough privacy in the back.

Move Away from the Edges

You don’t have to use fencing just to seal off the perimeter of your garden. It can make excellent decoration in other areas too, whether it’s around your deck or patio or circling a flower bed. Low picket fencing can look sweet around your borders or sectioning off one part of the garden from another. Fencing is also excellent for improving safety if you have a pool, pond or another water feature that you’re worried your kids or pets could fall into.

Build a Wall Instead

Of course, you don’t have to go with a fence if you don’t want to. You could also consider building a wall as an alternative. Some people might decide that a wall is a bit too much, but for others it provides just the right amount of privacy. You don’t have to build it too high, and you can choose whichever stone you think suits your garden. You can have a rustic or a more refined look, depending on which one is right for you.

Choosing your garden fencing can be a big decision. It’s not something you can change every year. So consider your choice carefully before you decide to install anything.

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