Easy Ways To Reduce Accidents In The Home

Our homes are a sanctuary from danger, and the safest place we could be, right? Well, that’s not entirely true. In fact, you are more likely to have an accident in your home than almost anywhere else. When you think about the enormous number of rules and regulations that businesses and public spaces have to abide by, it’s no surprise. And it’s because there are no such rules in your home, that you are more likely to have an accident.



We’ve put this brief guide together to highlight some of the best ways that you can reduce the risk of having an accident. They are simple steps, and should make your home a more comfortable and safer place. Let’s get started.

Install the right equipment

There are many times throughout life when you will need to adjust your home. When you have children, for example, you have to toddler-proof the entire house to make sure they are safe. And, eventually, you will have to do something similar for yourself. As you age, your needs will change to, and you might reach a stage where you need extra equipment to help you live your life in comfort. If you live in an apartment on a third or fourth floor, for example, then installing house lifts can help you. Or you could have a walk-in tub installed to prevent slips and trips in the bathroom. You may even benefit from having your light switches lowered, so you don’t have to stretch yourself. Adapt your home to your needs as soon as you realise you are struggling and you will reduce your chances of having an accident.

Use the right tools for the job

Different tools do different jobs, so make sure you always use the relevant piece of kit. Let’s take something really simple for a good example. Clamshell packages are tough to open, and you should always use scissors. However, a lot of people will use knives. Now, that might not sound like anything too bad, but thousands of people each year are admitted to hospital with lacerations. Each of them caused by opening clamshell plastic with a knife. That’s an astonishing statistic and illustrates our point well. So, always use the right tools for the job, and you will, statistically, reduce the risk of accidents in your home.

Safer kitchens

It’s not much of a surprise to learn that the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. It’s full of dangers: from sharp objects and blades to the proximity of electrical sockets to water. And, of course, there’s boiling water, gas and flame. Make sure that all your equipment is serviced often, and keep it free from clutter. Plan your kitchen design so that it is safe. Keep storage areas safe and don’t pile up dishes and utensils, so they are a danger to anyone opening a cupboard door. Finally, never leave a kitchen wet. Kitchen flooring is often slippery, and with hard counter tops to crack your skull on, a simple slip could be dangerous.

As safe as your home seems, there are dangers everywhere. However, by being more vigilant and aware, you will reduce the number of accidents that occur in your home.


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