A Safe Home – Five Ways To Up Your Security

Safety is always a priority when it comes to the home. We’ve already covered how to avoid accidents from occurring within the home, but what about external dangers? It’s a simple truth that there are those who will prey on homes that are vulnerable. These kinds of people have few qualms about the financial and emotional damage they can do. It’s up to you to protect your family and we can help. These tips will help you secure that home in no time.

Secure the home’s entrances

Most burglaries happen through the front door, back door and first floor windows. Few would be robbers are going to risk climbing a second story window and get caught doing it. So when it comes to security, strengthening the first floor should be your priority. There is you put your stronger latches and aim any security cameras you have.


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Change locks when moving into a new home

Even if the home you’re moving into is let by someone trustworthy or once owned by someone you knew, don’t take any chances with the locks. You don’t know who might have access to copies of your current key. Whenever you feel the need to change the front and backdoor locks, get help from a 24 hour emergency locksmith.


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Find the security system for you

The plain fact is that the better your security system, the safer your home is from intrusion. Home security is a hot topic at the moment, so it’s no surprise there are lots of different kinds on offer. Do your research and find which is the best for your home. Some are simpler and simply cause an alarm to go off on sensing an intruder. Others are monitored by staff that can respond to intrusion by getting in touch with you directly. It’s a matter of how much you can spend, but it is definitely worth it.

Get to know your neighbours

One way that you can protect your home is by getting to know your neighbours. If you are identifiable to them, they can tell you when someone else has been around your home. If they are identifiable to you, then you could very well be looking at potential culprits. Not that you should view your neighbours with suspicion. It’s just more likely that a burglar will be a teenage male within your area as opposed to someone from further away. Knowing your neighbours also helps you identify the people who don’t live in your area. Establishing connections simply gives you a lot more information for your home’s safety.


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Deterrence is as good as security when it comes with burglars. Most of them are apprehensive of getting in a situation where they can be caught or identified. You should make an effort to always appear at home at night-time. You should also invest in infrared lights around your entrances. If the lights come on when someone approaches, then anyone with nefarious motives will think twice. After all, if their face can be seen, they’re in a lot more danger of being caught.


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